Paula Rothenberg
lecturer and consultant
   p: (973) 941-8962
   f: (973) 746-8633
Paula Rothenberg writes, lectures, and consults on a variety of
topics including multicultural curriculum transformation,
issues of inequality, equity and privilege, globalizing the
curriculum, and white privilege. Currently, she is Senior Fellow
at The Murphy Institute, CUNY. From 1989 to 2006 she served
as Director of The New Jersey Project on Inclusive Scholarship,
Curriculum, and Teaching and Professor of Philosophy and
Women's Studies at The William Paterson University of New
Jersey.  Author of
Invisible Privilege: A Memoir About Race,
Class and Gender
, her diversity text Race, Class and Gender in
the United States
is in its Seventh Edition and a Third Edition
of her anthology  
White Privilege: Readings on the Other Side
of Racism
will be published in late summer, 2007.  Her newest
college text anthology
Beyond Borders: Thinking Critically
about Global Issues
was published by Worth in July 2005.  
Paula Rothenberg is also coeditor of
Creating an Inclusive
College Curriculum: A Teaching Sourcebook from the New
Jersey Project
and Feminist Frameworks Alternative Theoretical
Accounts of the Relations between Women and Men.
articles and essays appear in journals and anthologies across
the disciplines and many have been widely reprinted.  

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